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6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Pastor Shane Higginbotham Pt. 2

Fitness Feature Shane

A killer body does not come easy, and when you’re always on the clock, it’s that much more challenging. Pastor Shane Higginbotham stepped up to the challenge, and with a 6 Pack Bag gym backpack at his side, he was able to not only get organized and healthy, but start competing as well!  Read more »


Get Pumped For Dana Linn Bailey Week!

Dana Linn Bailey Week

It’s finally here, the week we’ve all been waiting for: Dana Linn Bailey week! You can use code DLB at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your entire purchase! Here’s the thing, though, and it’s the most awesome part yet. By using this code, you’ll automatically be entered to get your gym bag SIGNED by Dana Linn Bailey herself! 5 lucky people will win the opportunity to get their gym bags autographed, and one of those could be you! Read more »


6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Pastor Shane Higginbotham Pt. 1

Fitness Feature Pastor ShaneMaintaining a killer body is no easy feat, and it’s that much harder when your career is your life. Pastor Shane Higginbotham is no stranger to these difficulties, but with a 6 Pack gym backpack at his side, he has been able to stay organized, maintain his health, AND compete! Read more »


To Earbud Or Not To Earbud… The Question of the Best Workout Earbuds


Leah Berti is an IFBB Figure Professional in Canada, as well as serving as a city police officer and personal trainer. She has a true passion for health and fitness and loves to challenge herself. As a 6 Pack Ambassador, Leah brings with her over 10 years of experience in the industry, and she’ll be sharing her expertise with us in a series of guest blogs. Today Leah offers her thoughts on the best workout earbuds on the market. Read more »


6 Pack Gym Bags For Women: Fashion Meets Function

Gym Bags For WomenWhen it comes to gym bags for women, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style in order to be practical. Now you don’t have to. Whether you travel the country for bodybuilding tournaments or are simply dedicated to maintaining the best body you can, you need a good gym tote for your meal management system. Go with our gear, and the bag at your side will look almost as good as you do. Read more »