April 2013

    How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

    How to Stay Motivated at the Gym
    HowtoStayMotivated What do you do when the gym gets boring and it gets tough to figure out how to stay motivated? Pack up your favorite meal in a meal management system, find inspiration in the tips below and get hyped to dominate in the gym once again. Continue reading →
  1. The Benefits of Superfruits

    The Benefits of Superfruits
    benefitsof superfruits02 It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are healthy additions to your diet, but if you're looking to take your body to the next level, it's time to try superfruits. Delicious, loaded with nutrients and packed with antioxidants, superfruits are the perfect way to add a boost to your diet and your meal management system. Continue reading →
  2. Four Great Snacks to Gain Muscle

    Four Great Snacks to Gain Muscle
    healthy snacks02 When attempting to bulk up, there are many snacks to gain muscle that can aid you in your efforts to get huge. Peanut butter, trail mix and protein shakes are popular standbys, but sometimes your taste buds require something new. When packing your meal management system, reach for these handy food supplies and create mini meals that can end hunger throughout the day. Continue reading →
  3. A Message From Our CEO

    A Message From Our CEO
    6PF-Collage A - Master materials for the Innovator collection. B - Customer Service Team at work in our SF Offices. C - SF Team reviewing the production slate. D - Elite Collection gunmetal hardware and pulls.   As many of you know, we have been accepting pre-orders for the 2013 Elite and Expert Collections. These collections are the culmination of a year and a half of development and represents our vision of designing the ultimate bags and luggage for traveling fit. At the start of the year, we began to assemble the 2013 collections. Soon after beginning production, our manufacturing team discovered additional ways to make the new bags more durable and functional. We were given a choice; either continue with the current process and rush to meet our original ship date, or take additional time to create a better bag for you. Instead of hurrying along production, we decided to utilize additional manufacturing time to ensure that the products we deliver are the BEST DAMN BAGS POSSIBLE, PERIOD. Continue reading →
  4. Tips For Proper Gym Hygiene

    Tips For Proper Gym Hygiene
    gym hygiene02 Working out to stay healthy and keep your body looking good are two important reasons why we go to the gym every day. However, if you're always getting sick from having poor hygiene habits, you'll never even make it to the weight bench. Check out our proper gym hygiene habits and tips below to stay healthy and fit. Continue reading →

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