June 2013

    6 Pack Bags Diet Profile: Part Time Vegan

    6 Pack Bags Diet Profile: Part Time Vegan
    parttimevegan PART TIME VEGAN DIET QUICK HITS What it is: An easy transition into a full vegan diet or a chance to lessen how many animal products you eat. What you can eat: Meat alternatives, grains, nuts, vegetables and some meats. What can you drink: Milk alternatives, veggie/fruit juices and water. What you will see: An immune system boost, the decline of sluggish feelings and lower risks of hypertension, obesity and cancer. When it comes to food, a “part time" anything seems strange. However, part time vegan diets are becoming popular among health and fitness enthusiasts. Bulking up calls for a large amount of protein, and many people eat meat in order to repair and build muscle. However, large amounts of meat are not healthy for the body, and switching between a carnivorous diet and a vegan one for your meal management system can provide the balance your body needs. Continue reading →
  1. How To End Bloated Stomach Pain

    How To End Bloated Stomach Pain
    diabetes-02 You probably take a lot of time to assemble the food for your meal management system. That's why nothing makes you feel worse than when you have a bloated stomach pain. You studied up on nutritious foods, you ate right and somehow you still ended up with an extended tummy and look worse for the wear. Fear not! There are some easy ways to prevent bloated stomach pain and stop the problem in its tracks. Continue reading →
  2. Five Innovative Types of Pushups

    Five Innovative Types of Pushups
    Push Up Exercise Fess up. You've been in a pushup competition or two in your day. You can crank 'em out with the best of them. However, there are different types of pushups out there that can bring you to your maximum physical peak. Don't give up on your standard pushup, as it's probably a part of your daily regimen, but try tackling these unique exercises to make your body kick even more ass. Continue reading →
  3. Healthy Ways of Preventing Diabetes

    Healthy Ways of Preventing Diabetes
    preventingdiabetes No matter the current state of your health, whether good or bad, preventing diabetes should be a major concern. The number of people affected by this disease is at an all-time high around the world, but particularly in America. Don't worry. It's not too late to start working towards a brighter, healthier future. Even if this ailment runs in your family, there are some easy steps you can take to push back or cut your risk of being diagnosed with this harmful disease. From amping up your gym time to monitoring what goes into your 6 Pack Bags, here are some effective ways to lower your risk of diabetes. Continue reading →
  4. The Healthiest Fish to Eat And Add to Your Diet

    The Healthiest Fish to Eat And Add to Your Diet
    healthiest fish-02 Unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, you probably know that fish are one of the greatest sources of lean protein you can have in your meal management system. Not only do the best fish to eat contain properties that boost your heart's performance, but these same fats and oils also help with brain function on a day-to-day basis. Finding your favorite type of fish can help you maintain a diet for your fitness goal, while still allowing to eat something that is extremely delicious. Check out these healthy picks and be sure to work them into your next meal prep session: Continue reading →

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