September 2013

    The Top Five Healthiest Salad Greens

    The Top Five Healthiest Salad Greens
    healthiest salad greens02 If you're a health fiend, chances are you already know that salads are the best way to go green. What you might not know is that not all salad greens were made nutritionally equal. Here's a look at the healthiest salad greens you can incorporate into your meal management system. The more variety in your salad bowl, the better for you and your body! Continue reading →
  1. 6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Rovie Flores Pt. 1

    6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Rovie Flores Pt. 1
    Rovie While it may not seem like a challenge for most, fitting in proper nutrition and the gym into your daily routine can be extremely hard. Such was the case for 25-year-old Phillipines native Rovie Flores. Despite shaking his reputation for being a "fat kid" during his high school career, the rigors of working at a fast food restaurant eventually led to his unhealthy habits coming back to haunt. Continue reading →
  2. Discovering The Right Rep Ranges For You

    Discovering The Right Rep Ranges For You
    repranges There's a lot of debate out there about the proper rep ranges needed to really get the most out of any workout. You may be wondering what sort of regimen would be best for achieving your own goals. Well, the answer to that isn't always a simple one. Mostly, it depends on whether you're looking to build up your muscle, or just strengthen what you already have. Here's a brief look into two different styles of workout, and how they work. Continue reading →
  3. Beefing Up Your Treadmill Workouts

    Beefing Up Your Treadmill Workouts
    Whether you define yourself as a gym rat, a bodybuilding enthusiast or a weight room freak, you most likely aren't that affectionate towards doing cardio. Why run on a hamster wheel when you could be lifting? The truth is cardio can help to add some muscle to your body while keeping you defined and trim. Check out these ways of beefing up your treadmill workout and remember that all-around workouts give you an all-around kick ass body. Continue reading →
  4. The Muscle Building Food Pyramid Pt. 2

    The Muscle Building Food Pyramid Pt. 2
    musclebuildingfoods3 In our initial blog about the muscle building food pyramid, we discussed the basic elements at the tip of the triangle that are vital to body growth. While most of these food items (nuts, oils, dairy products and fruits) are necessary for making big gains in the gym, you typically are only required two to four servings a day of each. The true base of your meal plan should reside in the foods that make up the foundation of the muscle building food pyramid. Read on to discover how to better pack your bodybuilding cooler bag and give yourself a killer edge in the gym. Continue reading →

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