April 2014

    6PF Affiliate Athlete Profile: Louis Adimando

    6PF Affiliate Athlete Profile: Louis Adimando
    Louis Adimando1 In our brand new blog series, 6 Pack Fitness will be introducing our team of Affiliate Athletes to the world. Stay tuned for more blogs and meet our first featured Affiliate Athlete, Louis Adimando. 6PF Affiliate Athlete Louis Adimando knows all about the meaning of hustle. The 28-year-old New Yorker hits the gym hard when he isn't working for JP Morgan Chase or out on the links. As an avid golfer since 14, Louis has created a mindset for himself that it's important to grow, both physically and mentally, each and every day. Continue reading →
  1. Healthy Salmon Recipe Ideas

    Healthy Salmon Recipe Ideas
    healthy salmon recipe-02 Whether it's farmed or wild, packing your meal management system with healthy salmon recipes is the perfect way to sustain a well-balanced diet. There have been questions over which is better, but the differences seem to be more and more subtle, especially since many farms have been cleaning up their act. One thing is for sure, salmon is full of healthy fatty acids, essential vitamins and proteins. Continue reading →
  2. How To Select The Healthiest College For You

    How To Select The Healthiest College For You
    healthiest college-02 The typical college rigmarole makes it seemingly impossible to be healthy. After all, a steady diet of cramming books and beers is no ones idea of living a clean and fit lifestyle. So how do you go about leading a college life that won't belittle all of your hard work in the gym? It's simple! When creating your plan for your new academic lifestyle, try to select the healthiest college you can find. Continue reading →
  3. Creating A Post Pregnancy Workout Plan

    Creating A Post Pregnancy Workout Plan
    postpregnancyworkout Congrats on your brand new bundle of joy! While you're more than happy to be a mom, you are probably feeling a little more indifferent towards the changes in your body. Ready to start on a post-pregnancy workout plan? Awesome! Getting your body back on track is just a matter of kickstarting an easygoing workout regimen and building yourself back up. Continue reading →
  4. Healthy Egg Recipes For Breakfast

    Healthy Egg Recipes For Breakfast
    Healthy-Egg-Recipes-For-Breakfast-06 The egg. It's a powerful building block for any meal, but they are obviously known as the backbone of any great breakfast. As an impactful source of protein, vitamin A, B, potassium, folic acid, biotin and more, the egg can be made in any many ways, both unhealthy and healthy. For those that mind their manners when it comes to fitness and weight gain, check out these healthy egg recipes that you can pack in your meal management system and always have on hand. Continue reading →

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