October 2014

    Transformations Series: Karyssa Nielsen

    Transformations Series: Karyssa Nielsen
    fitness transformation karyssa-02Our Transformation Series showcases the amazing individuals who made the decision to change their lives for the better and took the fitness plunge. One of these absolute badasses is Karyssa Nielsen, a college student from Ontario, Canada. By changing her lifestyle, using a gym bag for her food, using macro diet plans, exercising, and accepting herself, Karyssa experienced a fitness transformation in her body and mind. Continue reading →
  1. Healthy Halloween: What To Eat Instead of Candy

    Healthy Halloween: What To Eat Instead of Candy
    healthy halloween-02 Halloween is about many things: getting scared at haunted houses, transforming yourself with a badass costume, and, of course, gorging on sweet, sweet candy. It may just be one day of the year, but it's important to stay healthy 365 days of the year. If you have a good fitness routine in place, you won't want to derail your efforts just for the sake of some candy. Instead, check out our guide to a healthy Halloween for snacks that won't knock you off your path to fitness glory. Continue reading →
  2. How to Meal Prep on a College Budget

    How to Meal Prep on a College Budget
      So many people check out our guide to meal prepping on a college budget that we've decided to give the post a minor facelift. Read on for our newest updates AND original tips! Some other helpful information if you're trying to meal prep on a college budget can also be found in our guides to meal prep without a...
  3. Transformations Series: Saqib Habib

    Transformations Series: Saqib Habib
    fitness transformation saqib-01 Our Transformations Series highlights individuals that have overcome a wide variety of issues, from troubles with weight gain to challenges in losing weight to difficulty managing a diet. Through various means, from sticking to a regimented schedule to making the most out of using meal management systems and gym backpacks, our profiles seek to share those with a fitness story to tell. Today we meet Saqib Habib, a 25-year-old Master Trainer at an athletic club in New Jersey. Continue reading →
  4. Transformations Series: Arman Ibric

    Transformations Series: Arman Ibric
    fitness transformation arman-02 Our Transformations Series showcases a variety of individuals from all walks of life that have been able to overcome their singular struggles to truly transform themselves. Whether through weight loss or muscle gain, the dedication and motivation to succeed propelled these individuals to success. Continue reading →

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