November 2014

    Transformations Series: Garrett Strout

    Transformations Series: Garrett Strout
    fitness transformation garrett-02 Our Transformations Series shares the stories of some of the most hardworking individuals who are dedicated to turning their lives around. Today we bring you the fitness transformation of Garrett Strout, a total badass from Bangor, Maine. Garrett struggled with his weight for years until he finally made the decision to break the mold and completely change his lifestyle with the help of a meal management system. Continue reading →
  1. Healthy Holiday: Staying Sane This Thanksgiving

    Healthy Holiday: Staying Sane This Thanksgiving
    healthy holiday-02 No one has ever considered Thanksgiving a healthy holiday; true to form, then, it ranks as America's second favorite, according to a study by Harris Interactive. Although we're all about being thankful and spending time with our friends and family, we know the real reason everyone gets so amped up for this holiday: the food. But you don't need to let the delicious food destroy your fitness goals, and we're here to tell you how. Continue reading →
  2. How to Meal Prep: Paleo Edition

    How to Meal Prep: Paleo Edition
    How To Meal Prep Paleo How To Meal Prep PaleoOur latest edition of How to Meal Prep is brought to us by Tiffany Gaston, internationally published fitness model, writer, and paleo cook (not to mention mom and wife) who loves to promote clean eating and healthy lifestyles for the whole family. We couldn't have dreamed of a better fit to pen this meal prep edition! Get her insight below on how to stay prepared at all times so you never have to sacrifice your paleo diet. Continue reading →
  3. Transformations Series: Jordan Armentrout

    Transformations Series: Jordan Armentrout
    fitness transformation jordan-02Our Transformations Series highlights the perseverance and drive of many individuals that have lost weight, bulked up, and improved their overall health. What holds many people back in their fitness transformation journeys is a negative mindset. With the right motivation, meal management system, and workout plan, you would be surprised how easily you can meet your goals. Continue reading →
  4. Gym Slang: Swole Glossary, Part 2

    Gym Slang: Swole Glossary, Part 2
    gym slang-08 Hello again, Swoldiers. Welcome to the second edition of the Swole Glossary in our gym slang series. We're back to dive even deeper into the extensive vernacular of the Swoldier. Pack up your gym backpack and grab your protein shake. It's time to go to Swoldier School. Continue reading →

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