January 2015

    How to Meal Prep & Train for Bulking Up With Shawn Rhoden

    How to Meal Prep & Train for Bulking Up With Shawn Rhoden
    Bulking up your frame and putting on muscle mass can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you're avoiding unwanted body fat. Luckily, we've brought in IFBB Pro and 6 Pack Fitness Sponsored Athlete Shawn “Flexatron" Rhoden to share his wisdom on how to meal prep and train to bulk up. Rhoden, a two-time third-place winner at Mr. Olympia and...
  1. Transformations Series: Sherri Buck

    Transformations Series: Sherri Buck
      Working long hours at desk jobs and jumping from fad diet to fad diet, Sherri Buck had struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. Within three and a half years, Sherri completely transformed her diet and exercise routine, dropping roughly 140 pounds, fixing existing health issues, and increasing her confidence. Sherri's inspiring story is the latest...
  2. Discipline: The Difference Between What You Want and What You Want Most

    Discipline: The Difference Between What You Want and What You Want Most
    Discipline-02 Setting S.M.A.R.T. GoalsJaime Filer, Online Editor-In-Chief of Muscle Insider, Canada's #1 Muscle Magazine, is back to offer even more of her exciting insight into the psychology behind motivation, inspiration, and today's particular subject: discipline. If you've ever struggled with self-discipline, you're not alone. But the thing about discipline is that it is firmly in your hands how well you do and how far you succeed. Learn how to take the wheel into your hands and get inspired with Jaime's insights. We'll let her take it away below! Continue reading →
  3. Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Finding A Better Way

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Finding A Better Way
    healthy weight loss tips-02 We're welcoming back How To Meal Prep PaleoTiffany Gaston, internationally published fitness model, writer, and paleo cook. This time, she lends her voice to a subject that has tripped people up since the beginning of time: healthy weight loss tips. At 6 Pack Fitness, we are firm believers in the utmost importance of putting health first - that's why our meal management systems are designed to help people fulfill their proper daily nutrition the right way! To help anyone who is considering the best way to lose weight, we asked Tiffany for her insight on the best way: the healthy way. Get inspired with her thoughts below! Continue reading →
  4. Transformations Series: Rafael Ramos Jr.

    Transformations Series: Rafael Ramos Jr.
    Fitness Transformation Rafael-02Every month, we share some of the inspiring fitness transformation accounts told by the awesomely dedicated fans featured in our Transformations Series. From overcoming physical adversity to mental adversity, our fans do it all – and emerge on the other side, even better than ever before. Today we meet Rafael Ramos Jr., a man who transformed himself into an organic-eating, fitness freak! Continue reading →

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