February 2015

    Transformations Series: Zac Willis

    Transformations Series: Zac Willis
    As a multi-sport college athlete, Zac Willis had always been on a strict exercise schedule, though his transition to a full-time job after graduation lead to less time for exercise, a poor diet, and a significant gain in weight. After deciding to make drastic changes to both his diet and exercise routines, Zac went from being 70 pounds heavier than...
  1. Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 1

    Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 1
    Ryall Graber, 6 Pack Ambassador, is an IFBB Pro and one of Canada's top-ranked Professional Fitness Athletes. As a certified specialist in Performance Nutrition and Training and founder of RyallFitness International, a nutrition and fitness consulting company based out of her home in Barbados, her experience clearly speaks for itself! When we found out that Ryall recently traveled to over...
  2. Meal Prep Sundays: Double Beef Chili

    Meal Prep Sundays: Double Beef Chili
    11008393_10153595692121679_1465253740303596860_n Everyone loves Meal Prep Sundays. When you can plan your meals for the week ahead of time, you're free to spend the rest of the week focusing on what matters most: achieving all your wildest fitness dreams. Load up your meal management system with this week's tasty recipe below! Continue reading →
  3. Are You Using the Best Proteins to Get the Most Gains Possible?

    Are You Using the Best Proteins to Get the Most Gains Possible?
    Best Proteins03 Resident social media badass Jade has the pulse on all things 6 Pack, and that means she knows a thing or two about the best nutrition for your fitness goals. Today she brings her unique voice to the 6 Pack blog to give our readers the scoop on the best proteins to get you the most gains possible. Continue reading →
  4. Transformations Series: Chrisgen Whitfield

    Transformations Series: Chrisgen Whitfield
    Fitness Transformation Chrisgen01 We love to share the exciting fitness transformation stories of our many awesome fans. It takes commitment to change your life, and we're proud that our meal management systems have been able to help people take the fitness bull by the horns. Today we introduce you to Chrisgen Whitfield, a man whose dedication to his new life is evident within seconds of finding out a little bit more about him. Continue reading →

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