October 2016

    Transformations Series: Sophie Nix

    Transformations Series: Sophie Nix
    Sophie Nix, a 25-year-old hairstylist from South Carolina, is a woman who knew she needed to change her life and didn't give up no matter how long it took to start noticing a difference. But when she did begin to notice, the changes were more appreciable than she could have ever imagined. Sophie's fitness transformation was a long time coming...
  1. Truth About Sugar: The Industry's Big Lie

    Truth About Sugar: The Industry's Big Lie
    Imagine this scenario: You've spent the past year slowly changing your lifestyle. Month after month, you began removing chocolate donuts for breakfast and deep dish pizzas for dinner. You haven't sat in the drive-thru line in months, and you switched out soda for fruit juices. It wasn't easy, but you wanted a healthy change. Now, here you are, a whole...
  2. 5 Best Foods For Hiking

    5 Best Foods For Hiking
    Fill your bag with the best foods for hiking to ensure that you stay properly fueled during your trip to the great outdoors. It's important to have your nutritional bases covered with calorie-maximizing foods that won't spoil in your bag if it gets hot, so take your cues from our collection of foods below – and make sure you're prepared...
  3. Day Hike Essentials Guide: 15 Must-Have Items + Bonus 2 More!

    Day Hike Essentials Guide: 15 Must-Have Items + Bonus 2 More!
    Fall is the perfect season for day hikes, isn't it? Nothing is quite like the beauty of the changing leaves, witnessed in all its colorful, autumnal glory. Well, now there's a new 6 Pack Bag to match the season, too – we've partnered up with Realtree, and we're now proud to announce the release of our new limited edition 6...
  4. 5 Effective Lunch Break Workouts

    5 Effective Lunch Break Workouts
    Work can be hard for a fitness nut. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time is the exact opposite of what our bodies want to be doing. Unfortunately, unless you're a personal trainer or professional athlete, “exercise" probably isn't what's paying the bills. Most of us, however, have a wonderful slice of time scheduled into our work day...

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