We know most of you will find a way to get your workout in, holiday or not, but if you do find yourself in a time crunch, your holiday workout doesn't have to suffer. This time of year usually entails numerous commitments that turn our schedules inside out, whether that involves traveling or holiday functions. With a little planning, a well-stocked meal management system, and our tips for your workout, the holiday season should be no reason to let your fitness regimen slide!

Bring Your Fitness Gear

If you're traveling, bring fitness equipment with you. You likely can't bring dumbbells, but you can bring a jump rope, resistance band, workout shoes, and other gear that's easily transported. Do some cardio with the jump rope, and use the resistance band for when you'd normally be lifting at the gym. Just like a meal management system simplifies healthy eating, fitness gear you can travel with simplifies your holiday workout.

Airport Workout

Holiday traveling also means the potential for flight delays is higher than usual. So if you end up stuck at the airport for an undetermined amount of time, use it wisely! Airports provide lockers for a reason. Stash your baggage and go for a run while you wait! If you followed our advice, you should have your workout shoes packed and ready to throw for this quick holiday workout.

Use The Gym Wisely

Even if you're not traveling, holiday commitments can still cut into your workout. Combat this by making the most of your gym time with compound exercises that target several areas, such as front squats, back squats, and bench presses. The other key to making the most of your holiday workout is making sure that you work out intensively. A more intensive workout helps make up for the fact that you're working out for a smaller amount of time.

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you're traveling or not, holiday commitments might still cut into your gym time. But just because you can't actually make it to the gym is no excuse for letting your workout slide. Plenty of exercises can be done anywhere, such as squats, lunges, and push-ups. Take a break from wrapping presents to do a quick warm-up jog in place. Then do 10-20 reps of squats and 10-15 reps of push-ups. End your holiday workout with a couple minutes of jump rope, and you're good to go!

Work Out In The Morning

If your regular workout routine takes place in the morning, then you're one step ahead of some. But for everyone else, the morning is a good place for your holiday workout. Most importantly, it gets it out of the way. However, it also energizes you for the rest of the day, which is more important than ever during the holidays. Incorporate the quick 20-30 minute routine we suggested into your morning to help yourself stay on track.

6 Pack Fitness knows that prioritizing your workout is important for a lot of you. The holidays can throw a wrench into anyone's plans, though. So if you find yourself with less time than usual, our tips can help you stay on top of your holiday workout. Plan your workout schedule around holiday activities, continue to eat healthy with your meal management system, and your routine will be back to normal before you know it.