Today's fitness transformation story comes from Danny King, a 25 year-old personal trainer from Queenstown, New Zealand, whose dedication to fitness gave him the courage to change his life.

A year ago, Danny felt like he had no place in the world. Nothing in his life was going well. He had no goals or aspirations. He couldn't even bring himself to play sports anymore, something he had always excelled in. In his worst moments, he found himself turning to alcohol.

“Dealing with clinical depression at the end of my teenage years was a big obstacle - the only thing I really enjoyed was going to the gym to work out."

Although he would occasionally visit the gym, Danny's depression prevented him from achieving any specific goals. At his very lowest point, Danny attempted suicide by driving a truck off a cliff. Amazingly, he survived without a single scratch.

"It was a big shock. Even police said I should be dead. It made me think, ‘Maybe I am here for a reason.'"

For about a month after the crash, it was pretty slow going as Danny's body was still sore. But 4-5 weeks in, he was finally back at the gym again, doing what he loves most: working out. With increasing trips to the gym, his fitness transformation transcended just the physical changes to create a mental change in Danny, as well. He was no longer unmotivated and his self-confidence was growing. His reignited passion was beginning to carve the path to his new future as a personal trainer.


Because Danny was forced to reconsider everything about life, he was able to discover what he now considers his true purpose: helping and inspiring others. Danny was given a second chance, and he wanted to use it to do something bigger with his life.

With the help of friends and family, he created a plan. First, he started a fitness Instagram (Follow: @Dannykingfitness!) with the goal to help others who where lacking in motivation to begin their own fitness transformation journeys. His next step includes completing his Personal Training and Health degree so he can help others with everything from building muscle to losing weight to sharing his own struggles as a way to help people through their own.

“I feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to help others since I have been through a strong transformation myself."

For Danny, many things aided his fitness transformation, from working out with friends to watching Steve Cook's videos online. “The way these guys [Steve Cook and others] go about their lives is very inspirational. I would go so far as saying Steve Cook may have saved my life in a way!" Danny stated. For Danny, it's crucial to remember that everyone goes through struggles and hardships, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


“If you are ever feeling down and out, talk to someone. It may be hard, but it always helps."

Fitness helped Danny a great deal, but so did the right nutrition, which he says has “a massive role in how we feel in everyday life, mentally and physically." As such, he contributes a good deal of his success to 6 Pack Bags.

“6 Pack Bags helped me by allowing the convenience of taking meals to work and keeping them cool, especially when I used to work at a construction site."

Danny is looking ahead to 2016 as a big year for him, as it will be his first time competing on stage. Naturally he's working hard to get in the best shape possible! He also wants to dedicate time to helping as many people as possible reach their fitness transformation goals.


“People need to know that achieving your goals doesn't happen overnight. Stay positive, work hard, and you'll see results."

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