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Cristal Acosta
Good, but needs work

It is beautiful and holds a lot of stuff, which I like. I love that I can take my food and water for me and others as part of my job, the straps are comfortable and ergonomic, but the zippers…the freaking zippers won’t stay closed. Is such a quality bag, I have had 6 pack bags for years and this is by far the best design, covers all my needs, but the zippers won’t stay closed no matter what position they are in.

Rocky Wallingford
amazing product

Best bag I've ever purchased.......

Sarah Gallant
Fits everything

As a medic on the road almost 12 hours a day, I needed a pack that would hold extra gear, extra uniform, extra PPE and a lunch can. After searching I came across this one and it seems super good quality. The zippers move flawlessly and there is lots of room. The only downfall is when you take the lunch can out, the inside collapses if you have anything in the compartment above it, making it hard to get the lunch box back in. Pretty happy with it though. I might make something with a 3D printer to hold it up.

Brian Howard
Best bag yet

Overall great quality, strong and tough bag. Size is perfect for my everyday use, as I move trains, not too big or small. Can fit all my train tools plus lunch, snacks and misc.

Bo Davenport
Beyond Expectations

Quality...quality and more quality !