6 Pack Fitness

Gift Cards

$ 178.20

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Summer Massey
Healthy living

I love this pack I can put all my essentials I need for work and lunch which is difficult being a nurse and constantly on the move thank you again

Brandon Andrus
Love it

Getting the gifts card made it so much easier to continue with my purchase and buy more products

Kelsey-Jean Miller

Gift Cards

wayne brockmam
So close

Almost perfection. I use this on a daily basis. The bottom will give out rather quickly could use some reinforcement. This is my second bag. The first bag the zipper on the top opening wore out and wont zip in more. The bottom corners wore out on the bag also. I would be willing to pay the full $200 if the material was more durable. Also the zipper for the actual meals doesnt want to zip because of interference from excess material.

John Paul McMahon
Six Pack Cube

The bag is well made and is a great style, it gets 4* only as the "click lock" boxes don't properly lock

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