Hot Logic Mini - Black

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Hot Logic Mini - Black

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Now you can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals no matter where you are with MyHotLogic personal mini cooker, as seen on TV!

Just place fresh ingredients, leftovers or frozen meals (still in the box!) inside any flat bottom, sealed-lid container and plug it in. While you go about your business your HotLogic is carefully preparing your meal. When it's time to eat, (in as little as an hour) your food will be waiting piping hot, cooked to perfection, and taste better than anything you would have nuked in the microwave. Guaranteed!

The secret is the Revolutionary Shelf Technology that uses low, slow heat to cook or re-heat food to perfection without overcooking or drying out. Veggies will be bursting with color and flavor ... meats come out as tender and succulent as a 5-Star restaurant, full of natural juices that simply melt in your mouth.

With HotLogic's convenient, personal size you can enjoy delicious, nutritious and hassle-free meals anywhere you go!

Fits nicely into the top compartment of Innovator 300's and Innovator 500's. *Please note: We recommend taking the device OUT of the bag before heating up any food. We also recommend transferring food to a glass container for heating.

Heating platform: 8.75"W x 6.75"L x 2.5"H

Insulated tote

Power cord storage pouch

Draws 45 watts of power (less than most microwaves)

Hot Logic Mini - Black