We are looking for people who have a passion for meal prep, living a healthy lifestyle, photography, and 6 Pack Fitness to join our team as a 6 Pack Brand Rep. 



The brand rep program is designed to be a basic exchange. We send you out the product... you send us photos we can use on our website, social media, and newsletter.

Check out what we are looking for below before submitting your application.

*We want to see you in each photo using the bag like you would in your daily routine.*

*Each photo submitted needs to be significantly different from one another. This doesn't mean in a different location but different angles or "modeling" the bag in a different way.*

*The bag needs to be fully visible in the photo.*
*Good Quality. UNEDITED Pictures that can be converted to different formats*

*We want to see YOU! Be creative. Send us pictures of how YOU really use the bag.*
*These photos will be used on our website, in our email marketing, and on our social media accounts so they need to look the part. Check out some examples below before you submit your application. 




    The photos submitted with your application should contain a 6 Pack Fitness product and should be similar to the photos we are looking to get from our brand reps (see above).