Meal Management

What is Meal Management?

Meal Management is the process of controlling every aspect of your diet from grocery store to meal time. To manage your meals is to plan not only WHAT you eat, but also WHEN you eat, and HOW you ensure that your food is with you when it's time to eat.

Choose the best foods for your goals.

What you eat, and when you eat it, is entirely up to you. Steak lovers, vegetarians, gluten-free proponents, and those with lactose allergies should all be managing their diets.

How often you eat is also a matter of personal preference, especially regarding your fitness goals whether they be weight loss, lean muscle gain, or serious bulking. The most important part of meal management is making sure that you choose the best foods for your body, and that you are prepared to stay on track while managing everything else in your busy life.

Meal Management
Meal Management

Plan. Prep. Carry.

Meal management is a commitment. The time you spend planning and prepping your meals in the kitchen deserves an innovative system for carrying your food throughout your busy day. 6 Pack Fitness bags are designed to make preparing, planning, and carrying multiple meals easy, sustainable, and satisfying no matter where the day takes you.

Explore delicious recipes created BY meal preppers FOR meal preppers!

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Meal Management
Meal Management

Who preps their meals?

Elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, nutrition gurus, body professionals, and fit moms alike!

start-quoteI definitely credit meal management for helping me reach my goals. I have a rule that unless it comes in my 6 Pack bag to work with me, I don't eat it.- Victoria B. (Fitness Fanatic, Four Dog Mom)end-quote

start-quote6 Pack Bags make meal management easy. And when it's easy, you can stay on track. It helped me keep loosing weight when I started in 2009.- (Bodybuilder by day, baker of sweets by night)end-quote