Sports Duffle Bags

If your life is sports, duffle bags from 6 Pack were made for you. When you live a fast-paced life with a schedule that’s packed, the typical sports bags just won’t work. You have tournaments to attend, games to play, and the competition to dominate – how will you find the time to eat every meal your super active day requires? With sports duffle bags from 6 Pack Fitness, you can carry your body’s badass energy fuel (aka nutritious food), all your gear, and even the trophy you take home.

Activate Beast Mode With Beast Duffle Bags

Achieve all your goals, from on the field to in the office, with sports duffles bags from 6 Pack Fitness designed to fit your entire A game. Whether you need the push to begin your own fitness transformation or simply a jolt into your current workout, our Fitness Transformation Series has the inspiration you need.

John Glaude’s fitness transformation story can’t help but motivate. When John realized the key to changing his life was in his diet, everything came together. By holding himself to a strict fitness regimen and utilizing the Expert Beast Duffle (in addition to the Elite Voyager Backpack) for all his meal prep needs, John lost almost 200 pounds – and earned the confidence to share his passion for fitness and nutrition with the world!

John Glaude

Travel Bags For Men and Women to Stay Fit In Style

Whether you’re on the competition stage or kicking ass at your choice in sports, duffle bags are an essential way to store the fuel you need to stay on track at all times. Take it from Trista Elaschuk and her inspirational story in our Transformations Series. Her Beast Duffle helped eliminate the stress of eating while traveling, which is hugely important now that she’s overhauled her life and body to follow the pull of the figure competition stage.

Trista Elaschuk