Elite Voyager Backpack

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Elite Voyager Backpack

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Meal preparation backpack tough enough to handle the life of a busy athlete. Features an expandable bottom for damp workout clothing and a fleece-lined laptop/tablet compartment. Fashionable leather accents, premium zippy pulls and all-new Olympic strap pattern lining take this bag to a whole new level!

Comes with:

2 Small Freezer Packs

1 Large Freezer Pack

5 - 20 oz. Leak-Proof Sure Seal Containers

1 Supplement Container 20 oz. 

• Insulated modular core system keeps up to 5 meals organized and independently accessible. Includes zippered utensil and supplement pockets, and won't collapse when empty.
• Preloaded with 5 Sure Seal Containers plus 1 Sports Nutrition Container for organizing supplements
• Preloaded with 3 Gel Packs (2 small, 1 large) that slide into core to keep food fresh and cool for 8+ hours
• Extra large main compartment for clothing, workout gear, toiletries, and personal items
• Internal organizational pockets for wallet, keys, phone, and music player
• Fleece-lined technology compartment fits up to 17" laptop/tablet
• Ventilated side compartment for workout shoes or other footwear
• Bottom expands to create mesh drop pocket for damp workout clothes
• Fleece-lined pocket to protect sunglasses and other eyewear
• Back smart panel slides over wheeled luggage handle
• Expandable side pocket holds up to 1L water bottle
• Neoprene-lined internal pocket for protein shaker/blender bottle
• Internal side pocket for wraps, gloves, or jump rope
• Deluxe padded back and shoulder straps for maximum carrying comfort
• Adjustable strap across sternum for stability

Colors: Black/Red, Black/Black, Red/Black
Dimensions:14W X 12L X 24H
Weight: 15 pounds
Materials: Ballistic Nylon with reinforced stitching and gun metal hardware

Use a damp cloth with mild soap to spot clean external shell and interior compartments. Do not wash in dishwasher or washing machine. We use the finest quality materials in our bags to ensure their strength and durability. 6 Pack Fitness ô offers a 1 year limited warranty on our bags. If something happens due to manufacturing defects, we take care of it. Read more about our warranty.

Customer Reviews

Review by dmichaelo

awesome back pack

great back the 3 gel packshave kept my food chilled for 24 hours and it has a ton of room for storage in it and it may look big but its perfect size for everyday use some of my friends have the smaller bags but this bag completes for my work day and school and travel no way i would go without the bigger bag

(Posted on 12/13/2015)

Review by Jermaine

Has it all

I'm a firefighter/medic and I utilize this bag for work since I have many things to bring back and forth to the station for my 24 hour shift. I'm 6'1" and I weigh 224 lbs. I workout regularly and consider myself pretty fit, with all that said….this bag is BIG!!! But for obvious reasons, it carries everything. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and its safe to say it's functional. I'll start from the top compartment and work my way down cause it's a lot to cover.

SUNGLASSES: it's at the top, lined with a soft felt material to protect from causing scratched to your glasses, you could probably fit 2 medium size sunglasses in here.

ELECTRONICS: I fit my iPad with no problem in the assigned compartment. It is lined with a soft material to prevent scratching of your precious electronics. This compartment is to the rear of the bag. I truly couldn't tell the difference when I had my iPad, 13" MacBook or nothing at all in this compartment, its padded for your comfort.

CLOTHING: I'm able to fit one pair of socks, underwear, one t-shirt, one pair of shorts, my FD jumpsuit and my midsize toiletry bag..nothing else. It works though.

SNEAKERS: I wear a size 13 and there is absolutely NO WAY that my sneakers will fit in the designated sneaker compartment. Maybe if you have some of those light weight sneakers, similar to the Nike Free Runners, or a smaller size they'll be able to fit, but any sneakers with substance or a size above a men's 8 or 9 you'll find difficulty in getting it in there. I put my flip flops in there no problem though.

SHAKER CUP/WATER BOTTLE: The compartment for your protein shaker is lined with a neoprene material which is nice since it wicks away any moisture your cup might produce, however it's JUST a little too small to fit a full size shaker cup, you really have to JAM it in there and work the zipper closed (which I can see in the long run affecting the zipper, causing it to break) I use a mini shaker cup and that fits. There is a water bottle compartment that could fit your large shaker cup, but it's not enclosed. It does come with an elastic cinch band that keeps it in place though.

FOOD: This compartment is the bread and butter of the bag it keeps your 5-6 meals cold throughout the day with the 3 ice packs included with the bag. My bag is kept in a climate controlled room for the entire day, I turn in at around 11pm and it's still pretty cool around that time. This compartment is easily accessible and the snap-lock containers hold enough food to satisfy the typical person. I feel safe; that even with all the jostling around and movement that even if the bag was tipped on it's side, with the snap lock containers, no spillage would occur. The only issue I see forthcoming is the zipper, it gets hung up on the inner liner every time you open the compartment…every..single..time. After it tears through the liner the cooling aspect of the bag will be gone. I already see it happening.

SUMMARY: It's a nice bag, one bag that handles it all. Of course nothing is perfect but this came pretty darn close. I'm sure version 2.0 will fix the minor flaws that this bag has and then 2.1 will be perfect. Good job 6 Pack Fitness.

(Posted on 12/8/2015)

Review by SLAVICA

Beautiful all-in-one backpack

I purchased this back pack for my fiancé he wanted it so badly and let me tell you, it is awesome.. He literally never ever ever leaves home without it. From work to coming over to my place to the gym... It is literally attached to him he carries his meds shoes all his meals which obviously foods in the specified compartments and uses the organizer made specifically for pills/supplements. It literally is a lifesaver. Best buy for the money... Yes it is pricey but we'll worth it for the serious body builder as they WILL AND DO USE IT!!
Only bad thing is the gel packs are very sensitive. He's had his for only 3months and the large gel pack was leaking :-( so hopefully the warranty will cover that.. I got my man the black with red. I really wanted the all red but is was not available then. Hope this review helps!

(Posted on 12/27/2014)

Elite Voyager Backpack