Why did Six Pack Fitness decide to launch a line of meals for athletes? Because “preppin’ ain’t easy.” After taking in years of feedback from our customers, we have learned a lot about the art and science of cooking for athletes. Whether you are the master of meals or a nutritional novice, some things always hold true about preparing meals for the week: it takes time, knowledge, and planning. Our goal is to make managing your meals as easy as possible, which is why the Six Pack Meals Line was born.


With our meal plans, you will save time. Tons of it. Menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storing meals can eat up hours of your week. Ain’t nobody got time for that! You asked us to make meals that fit perfectly into our bags and now, we do all of it for you. Less prep time equals more gym time.


All of our meals are made with USDA certified organic ingredients and our meals are delivered vacuum sealed for freshness, which means you can trust that your food is healthy and safe to eat until the use by date. No more thawing out your dinner and eating sub-par food.


Our meal plans take the guesswork out of your diet. Whether you choose the paleo, clean, or vegetarian plan, you’ll always know that your meals were chef crafted to only contain ingredients that meet those specific criteria, so you can spend more time kicking ass in the gym and doing everything else you love to do. Tired of eating chicken and broccoli every day? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Each week the meals our chefs prepare change so that you get to taste new and exciting options often!


Six Pack Meals are delivered in containers that are custom made to fit our meal management bags and organize your fridge. Six Pack bags + Six Pack Hot Sauce + Six Pack Meals = the complete meal management system!



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