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6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 Meal Prep Management Tote 3 - Meal

Awesome Bag!!!

Perfect size! Fits my containers as well beautifully!

Fox Bowler with Insulated Meal Management System
Cute but could be a little bigger to fit a Change of Clothes, Water bottle, etc.

I love the color, the carrying straps (comfortable to carry), the deep pockets inside, the inside lining & the meal compartments. It may just me getting used the smaller size of a gym bag.

Expedition 500 Backpack Meal Prep Management System 5 - Meal (Pink/Purple)

I bought my first 6 pack bag 8 years ago which held up amazing. Decided to buy my partner one for her birthday and she loves it. I noticed the updates made to the bag along with the quality. Great product the team has created

Nice meal backpack

Features are as expected, containers are on the small side (knew this prior to ordering). Does what is says

Nice bag

I got this for my husband and he likes it a lot. He carries it to work with all that he needs for the day. It’s spacious and sturdy.

The greatest 💼🔥❤️💪🏻❤️

A bag is perfect for me personally, I was looking for it a long time ago

Great Bag for working nurse

As a travel nurse, I don’t have access to a personal locker and the staffed grid normally full. This bag allows for both storage of my food and personal belongings and it’s fashionable!

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management System 3 - Meal (Pink/Purple)

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management System 3 - Meal (Pink/Purple)

Mini inovator

It’s a great bag , small in size but lots of storage . Last years ! Very tough . Great buy!!

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management System 3 - Meal (Pink/Purple)

I not have not yet my backpack

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management System 3 - Meal (Pink/Purple)
So convenient.

Perfect for work days! I went from carrying 3 bags everywhere to one!! I love it.

Mini Innovator Meal Prep Management Tote 3 - Meal

Gift for Husband

Got my husband the 6 Pack Backpack years ago to use for work. Came more in handy during COVID when community fridges were closed off. Best investment and these containers were replacements due to years of use. He can fit everything he needs and more into his backpack and the other guys always ask where he got it!

Expedition 300 and 500

These packs are fantastic. We can pack a family full of lunches in the 500 and a shifts worth of meals in the 300. I love that my 500 also holds water bottles, a laptop, my wallet and personals, and several pieces of clothes. Great packs, wonderful customer service. I couldn’t be happier.

Happy customer

This is the second 6pack lunch backpack we purchased. The first one my husband purchased by recommendation from a co-worker n love it lasted about 6 years!! Durable right. This second purchase I bought for my husband for Valentine’s as a gift. He so excited when he got it ❤️😁

Not worth the money

Zippers do not hold up. Two of the zippers broke just outside a year.

Love the hard shell

Love them so far due to the durability. Don’t have to worry about being punctured in the freezer by another freezer item being placed on them. Easier to find in freezer as well due to the gray tone. So far I am not disappointed by six pack bags. Great customer care, great products, and improvements are truly improvements for the consumer. Highly recommend using six pack bag products!! I own 3 styles of bags myself. My first bag that I still use was purchased in early 2000’s.


This is worth the price! The containers are awesome and can hold a lot if you pack them down. The shelving makes everything easy to store and keep organized. When you set it down, it doesn't flip over (ISO does and they're trash).

Strongly reccomend. I'll end up buying the biggest one some day.

He these before. Works well. New design is good.

Awesome products

A sure thing to buy. Quality is excellent.

It's a little too big to carry daily. Need one similar but smaller in size

Mini Innovator Meal Prep Management Tote 3 - Meal