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Great containers

The seal keeps them from leaking or opening unexpectedly.

Motivator Daypack Meal Prep Management System | Black/Red

Motivator Daypack

I love this bag! It’s the perfect size for the gym. It allows me to keep my protein drink and others cold until after I workout. Just enough room for gym essentials. It’s perfect.

Keeping Meals Cold AF All Day / Night

Traveled with these and all my foods were cold to the touch after flying all day. A++

Motivator Daypack Meal Prep Management System | Black/Olive
Simon Palomo

I've always been a fan of these bags ever since I got out the army in 2018
I would love alittle more space for food though but other that that it's a great bag
Definitely worth it

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag | Stealth Black
Rolando Najera
Everything is so much easier

Love this bag. Travel is way easier. My twin bro and I ordered this bag to help us keep up with not just our meals but bieng able to carry other stuff like gym clothes. Its helped TREMENDOUSLY. Ordering the bag with the utensils, im telling you, big help. Especially with the strap across the chest. My twin bro and I walk miles just to get to our bus, them about 3 hrs to get to work ( one way ) then gym right after. I wish we could fit more things in there, but thats ok. I got thr essentials. Wich makes it perfect for us. Awesome bag. Will defenently order more in the future. 👍

Love this compact jem!!

Absolutely love this. Perfect size if you only need up to 3 meals.

Cute Cupcakes!!!

This bag great for a few meals, side pockets for a small container for nuts, salad dressing, or small travel silverware! Long strap for easy carrying and small enough to fit in a day bag. Highly recommend!


I’ve had this pack for 10 YEARS!!! I’m a teacher and this bag has made it to school with me for 10 years including the containers. Small rips on the mesh on the sides but is built to last. LOVE this brand!

Love my bag

Well made and perfect size to bring with me for everyday things keep up the great quality!

The backpack is just big enough to hold my iPad, lunch, and a few other things. I do feel like the smaller freezer bags don’t stay cold quite as long, but perfect for a few hours!

Meal Prep must have!

I love this system. It is compact and easy to store…dishwasher safe. Thumbs up!

Initially Disappointed

My Wife and I both have Innovators but needed something a bit smaller. I ordered the Motivators thinking they were bigger. When they arrived I was sad, BUT I have been using it for a couple weeks and found that I now maximize what I’’m bringing with me and don’t carry superfluous items or extra “snacks”. All in all it is solid value for the money.

Innovator Cube Meal Prep Management Tote 2021 | Black/Pink
Abraham Loewen
Missing spoon and fork holder

Thank thank you for the fast order it’s well made lunch box with three meal prep containers.
The owners manual says that their is a pouch for silverware

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag | Stealth Black
Christina Voelpel

Tupperware on smaller side

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag | Static Gray
Nick Johnston


Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag | Static Gray
Mya Dextrase

Great quality! Big enough for all of your belongings but doesn’t look huge! Lunch box compartment is removable and very convenient!


The strap broke the first time I used the bag.


Amazing product ! I wish it was bigger but it awesome ❤️

Great back pack

Perfect for everyday use

Very happy

Really a great product with a quality build. Very ample for the healthiest of appetites. The containers are better than expected. Would have preferred a back pocket for my phone to a luggage pass-thru, but that's personal preference.

Review for the daypack!

Love my 6pack bag it great for the beach and the airport carry on


I needed a smaller backpack with padded straps that could keep meals cold for 12 hours. Winner! Love the black and pink color too :)

Motivator Daypack Meal Prep Management System | Black/Olive
joshua hostetter

Motivator Daypack Meal Prep Management System | Black/Olive

Explorer 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management System | Stealth Black
Not worth the money

I have had this bag for almost a year. I am just now writing thisbreview to give the bag a fair chance.

I have to say with the exception of holding my meals, it is terrible in every aspect. With 3 meals, the 3 ice packs it came with, my lap top and a water bottle. The buttons on the shoulder strap fail every time. They do not hold well, the back paco should have a solid bottom instead of the flimsy lower fabric, the laptop causes everything to shift forward. Not impress in any way with this bag