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Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag

I love this bag! It’s great! So many pockets!
So useful and convenient. One stop shop


I’ve purchased a total of 5 bags from Six Pack Fitness over the years. I must say that this one is by far my FAVORITE!! I work from home a few days a week & to be able to tote my laptop, lunch, clothes, & shoes in this bag has been a game changer! I love it! I bought a pink one for the summer months in Chicago & a black one for our brutal winter months.

Goes well with the lunch box

The ice packs and containers are great. The ice packs fit well and stay cold all day. The containers work and fit like they should. The silverware set is pretty worthless. I don’t see when I’d use it.

Perfect size

This is just the right size for my everyday plans!

A Backpack for the ages!!

I bought my 1st 6 Pack backpack in 2015 and it's still going strong. While my new backpack that I just purchased is slightly smaller, I have no doubt that I'll have it just as long. Great quality and great customer service!! If you want functionality and durability, buy a 6 pack bag. Before the backpack I had a 6 pack bag for just my food and drinks. I had it for 3 years before later purchasing the backpack. All quality bags!!


This bag is perfect for commuting when you still have business to take care of when meal prepping.

Best lunch box

These are the best lunch boxes. I had one before and after putting it through the ringer for year I replaced it after it had some rips. I made the mistake of trying other lunch boxes. After 3-4 other brands I came back to 6 pack. They have the storage and compartments to carry chargers and other gear you need throughout your day. The containers are great. The utensil set was pretty worthless for an adult it was like baby silverware. The ice packs are great. The lunch box itself is the best available.

Love this cooler!

Excellent quality, amazing functionality. It is great to have a cooler designed with fitness in mind. I love that there is room for multiple meals, snacks, drinks etc, but accessible without having to empty the whole bag to find them! I love it!


Love this lunch bag, fits literally everything & the customer service is so amazing!

Best on the go bag

This bag has changed everything for the better when it comes to on the go and bug out situation, I eat better and drink more fluids than ever

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag

The quality of this backpack is amazing! So glad I decided to buy it.

Sure Seal 24 oz. Meal Prep Containers (Set of 6) | Stealth Black

Best backpack ever

I’m so in love with it.

Best bag

This is the best lunch kit I have seen! So durable and spacious. Perfect for all day use. Keeps things cold or hot and I love the design. Have already recommended to friends

Happy Customer 😊

I recently began meal prepping and I was tired of carrying multiple lunch boxes, grocery bags, etc. I found this brand through a loyal customer and I loveeeeee my bag! It even has a spot for my pre-workout!

Better than expected

I wasn't completely sold on this bag. I've never seen a "lunch box" that lasted more than a couple months of use. The quality blew me away. It's much bigger than I anticipated as well. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Great investment

Needed something bigger, spacious, and great for caring everything at once! My standard lunch kits I was using wasn’t big enough for all my meals. Wasn’t able to put my c4 drinks and protein shakes in. Wouldn’t even keep it cool long enough. Love the fact I got the bundle kit as well because you can’t ever get enough of ice packets and the travel utensils 💪🏾👊🏾

I love 6 pack fitness

I got the lunch box and utensils and absolutely love it. It’s big enough and fits all of my meal preps along with my protein shakes!

Perfect Meal Prep bag

This Meal prep bag is absolutely perfect for my needs. It holds 4-meal containers in the center pocket, it also has plenty of room in side pockets to add extra items I need.

Long time customer

The price was right bag works perfectly for work just what I wanted

Expedition 300 Backpack Meal Prep Management Bag | Black/Pink
Shannon Edwards

LOVE IT, a place for everything, food stays cold all day

It’s ok

The bag is nice, the cooler is great, but overall I give it 3/5 stars because it’s overpriced, and the backpack portion is to small. It just so happens that it’s probably the best bag available on the open market, but it’s not that great and could be better, at a lower cost.

Amazing lunch bag

This thing makes it easy to keep me from going and buying crap all day…


I love this backpack I had one before for 7 years hopefully this one last just as long or longer